We are limited to researching renewable energy source through the use of gravity, arrache, a form similar to chimes. We seek input from those who believe a gravity driven machine capable of producing renewable power is feasible.

We are dedicated in the ongoing search of reinventing a gravity powered energy producing device allegedly built by Johann Elias Bessler in the early 1700s.

Continuing to burn fossil fuels is not an option.

We offer assistance to those who wish to collaborate or are in need of fabricating trial and error proto-types. Hands on research leading to discoveries sometimes by accident that would not be discovered using computer simulations.

Assistance in bringing an operating proto-type capable of showing to the USPTO for patenting. Financial sources are also available for patenting and initial start up costs.

We are a non-profit organization, working on a contingency basis. We accept submittals for analysis and if deemed viable we build it for testing. Alleged magnetic motors and force amplifiers will be rejected, they do not fit into our research category.

There is no charge to the submitter the only loss is our time and resources for a non-runner.

We are an enterprising consortium, our goal is to find a renewable energy source using gravity currently accepted as a conservative force.

Our services are offered to anyone who believes they may have constructive input regarding research in this field. We willingly accept to build your device if you do not have either the empirical skills or resources. A lot of good ideas get thrown aside simply because the innovator is not capable of following through.

We are running out of fossil fuel, the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. It is time to expand our research into gravity, If we ever run out of it there will be no need to worry about Green Earth Technology

All design submissions are held in strict confidence, your input is not used by us or shared with others without your full acknowledgment and consent. Integrity is our backbone which we take great pride in upholding.

The problems

  • A finite amount of non-renewable energy sources.
  • The negative impact retrieving and using non-renewable energy sources has on the environment.
  • Global population growth resulting in increased energy demands

Some government big wigs seem content to leave things as they are, continuing down a suicidal path while crossing their fingers that a future generation will solve all the current problems.

In short, the time to act is now. Actually the time to act was thirty years ago when it first became apparent to anyone with the ability to add and subtract that the current global model was unsustainable.

It is a fact that taking more from your bank account than you put in each month will lead to your despair. The same is true of the Earths resources. Things left as they are, the world population will grow to unsustainable levels until famine and disease decrease the population, forcing the human race to live within its collective means.

So, addressing the problems listed above, foremost is finding
a renewable source of energy. In fact solving that one problem effectively solves the others by making them moot. With it, we can develop the means to feed and cloth an increasing population, stop polluting our atmosphere and get the human species moving in a sustainable direction.

Its simple, we either work together and solve this problem, or wait for Mother Nature to start culling the herd.